About Me



About me

Mariann is a Hungarian hobby writer, autodidact photographer, travel and culture enthusiast, who shares thoughts and tells stories from the spot through a subjective eye. She has been on 4 continents and 30 countries so far.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Are you a traveling full-time?
A: No. I have my daily job, and have just as much holiday as the majority of the people. I use my holiday and the long weekends to travel, so I am able to go for a few longer trips per year, and some nearby travels.

Q: How did you start to travel?
A: I never won the lottery, nor I received family support or was born with a backpack on my shoulders. It all started slowly. I was 20 when I was selected for a scholarship in Spain. This was the first time when I traveled on airplane and spent months far from home. During my university studies I joined an international youth organization and participated in European training and seminars all over the continent. To finance these travels I was working besides my studies as a seller in a fashion store and hostess on conferences. Later my job also made it possible for me to travel.

Q: Do you travel alone?
A: The majority of the time, yes. It is good to travel in company to share the nice moments, however if I travel with groups, I miss the best part of travel, which is to meet locals and other travelers. Traveling alone also gives me more flexibility. This does not mean that I am lonely during my travels. In hostels or during guided tuors I usually meet cool and open travelers. We share stories and many times we keep in touch after the farewell.

Q: Are you not afraid to travel alone?
A: Usually I am not afraid. I am the same careful as I would be at home. I do not walk alone at night, do not go to abandoned places, and do not make it obvious that I have value with me. Just like at home. I had to see a doctor only once in Cairo, but nothing serious happened out of staying in bed and curing the ‘tourist sickness’.

Q: What is your favorite place?
A: I do not have a favorite place. I think every place has its charm, and everyone sees them differently. I am curious to get to know the unknown, and this makes me discover new places. In general I do not have favorite in anything, this would restrict me from being open to new favorite things.

Q: What is your goal with this travel blog?
A: I like to observe, to write, I like photography, so this blog is the perfect combination to share all this passion. It makes me happy if I can show for people the world as I see it, and inspire them in their travels. What really motivates me to continue this work on my blog are my readers, the Likes and comments 🙂