DF Mexican Restaurant

Throw a stone on me, but I am not much into Mexican kitchen. Maybe, because I have not yet tried a real good one at home. I used to have some hopeful tries, mainly in Budapest, but somehow I was never impressed. A few years ago a friend from Hong Kong commented to me that the Chinese food we eat in Europe has nothing to do with its Chinese counterpart. Hence I got curious that maybe if I try Mexican in South-America, will it take me heaven? So I gave myself a second chance in Argentina.


A few weeks ago I was waiting in a bus stop in the middle of Buenos Aires. When looking aside, I could not believe my eyes. A few meters away way waiting for the same bus Alejandra, an argentine friends of mine, who I met in Hungary. It was totally surreal to see her in the very same bus stop in a large city on the other side of the world. One could see this feeling sitting our our faces. We were quite shocked for a few minutes, but finally on the bus we started a meaning conversation. She told me that a few days ago she celebrated her birthday in the DF Mexican Restaurant, and she highly recommended it.

So that is how it happened, that I also decided to celebrate my birthday in January in DF. It can be found at the riverside of the fancy business quarter, called Puerto Madero. It was already enough to get relaxed with the fresh breeze and the silent whispering of the palm trees, but the restaurant also made everything to get you into the Mexican feeling. Mexican rhythm, sombreros and ponchos on the yellow walls. Soon arrived the inevitable starter, the nacho chips with sauce, whoch was surprisingly good.

With our Colombian waiter we choose quesadilla staffed with shrimp stew. This is a kind of tortilla filled with melted cheese, shrimps and coriander, served with two types of sauce and rice. I love cheese and the soft shrimps, so while dipping the little portions into the sour cream sauce, the Mexican kitchen started to move to the positive side in my imaginary balance.
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In order to push that balance more to the positive direction, I added a little dessert on top. It had a very saucy name, called horny caramel. It was a golden pudding made of caramel and mascarpone cheese, scattered with pieces of vanilla and almond, decorated with white chocolate bonbons and nuts around, and served with a cup of coffee.

I am not sure if it made me horny, but I think I will give myself a third chance to go back, for sure.

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