Getaway from Buenos Aires: La Plata

Buenos Aires La Plata day trip

When I was planning short getaways from Buenos Aires, La Plata never came up to my mind. Maybe because I did not know anything about this city laying only 60 kilometers away from the capital of Argentina. I even confused it with the famous tourist paradise, Mar del Plata. However, later I found out that while Buenos Aires is the capital of the state, La Plata is the capital of the province of Buenos Aires. I also found out that the third largest neo-gothic church can also be found here, and that the plan of the cemetery is the exact copy of the city. You know, that I like cemeteries. La Plata became an exciting destination, and I could not wait to visit it on one weekend, when the dumfounding things continued.

Murder in the botanical garden

Murder in the botanical garden

Spring is the best time for a walk in the flourishing parks. But guided tour in a botanical garden? What can one tell besides introducing the bushes and trees? – I was asking myself. However, later it turned out that our tour guide, Victor, a fanatic biologist and microscope fun had humor, and during the two hours we heard about a lot of stories, and also found out about a mysterious murder.

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